DFM Audit Process

DFM Audit Process

Summary of project

At Davies Facilities Management we aim to ensure our clients are fully compliant with their statutory duties and provide safe environments for their building users.

With 12 years of auditing experience we have developed a thorough auditing process and criteria that suits our client’s needs to review performance of their individual sites. Our clients are then able to review the feedback given to make any required improvements across their portfolio.

A Group Technical Manager of a large hotel group commented on the importance of the Davies Facilities Management Audits to their business. “I greatly value the administrative and the contract management expertise provided by Davies FM”

Clearly contractor performance is vital to maintaining facilities to a high standard and maximising the lifecycle of plant and equipment. At Davies Facilities Management we have the expertise to assess contractor performance against KPI’s and our clients statutory obligations. Our audit process for Q Hotel Group aims to ensure performance is analysed in depth to give an understanding of the level of performance for each contractor.

A Director of Property of a large hotel chain said “Davies FM’s technical knowledge provides alternative solutions to complex problems.”

All of our audits formulate a % score so performance can be benchmarked and improvement targets can be given. We work with our clients before and after audits with the aim of continuously improving their performance.