Village Warrington Fire Alarm Upgrade

Village Warrington Fire Alarm Upgrade

Summary of project

The fire alarm system in place which covered the main part of the hotel was then fourteen years old, the panel and detectors where obsolete and required replacement. A recent risk assessment by the local fire officer also identified certain areas where additional detection was required.

Davies FM where required to provide a scope of work that met current legislation. The aim of the project was to upgrade and enhance the existing system meeting the requirements of BS5839 Part 1 2002.

What was done?

The scope of work included upgrading the existing Ziton ZP3 panel with latest processing boards, and to leave it installed in its original position. The existing and new panels were networked together and all remaining detection loops were reconnected. DFM took the hotels fire risk assessment and put in additional detection to meet their requirements; sufficient capacity was also made available for any additional detection required in the future.